Four Bodies


Let’s start with an exercise. This exercise should assist us in locating our different bodies. These four human bodies: The mental, emotional, physical bodies are a part of the dualistic, physical word and the soul body is fully in the world of oneness.  Our physical body complies with the laws of dualism where everything is divided into two, with a beginning and end, good and bad, happy and sad, old and young etc. Duality is defined as: The quality or character of being twofold; dichotomy. This means basically to categorize everything into two things, opposites, and separate things. Our soul is connected to our physical body but is not bound to the same laws as the physical body. Our soul does not comply with the dualistic laws, it has been and always will be, has no gender, no limitation and no age; it is oneness.

Please find a comfortable resting position. Close your eyes and take several deep breaths and relax. Now locate your four different bodies which are combined in your physical body and beyond. We have a brain/mental body, an emotional body, a pure physical body and a spiritual body.


Mental Body (Dualistic Body)

Manifest and Matter (Thought)

This body is located in the intellectual part of our being. It is abstract. While we cannot touch it, it usually rules our life. This body is made up by all past, present and future thoughts, memories and knowledge stored in our brain.  A human will live and activate this body most of the time. Focus on your upper part of your head and forehead, feel the thoughts that linger in this area. This body usually feels dense, sharp and sometimes airy.


Physical Body (Dualistic Body)

Pleasure and Pain

This is the body which we consider our flesh. Physical pain and pleasure is located in our physical body. This body feels every sensation of our actual body and flesh.

Emotional Body (Dualistic Body)


This is an intangible body that hosts all emotions. It is located within our physical body. This body carries our joy, fears, sadness and excitement etc.

These three dualistic bodies influence each other directly. Thoughts create emotions; emotions create thoughts. Thoughts can create the illusion of illnesses which then manifests in the physical body. For example emotions such as stress, sadness, grief, anger etc. can create the manifestation of a variety of illnesses in the human body. The key to prevent these illnesses from happening is a change of consciousness resulting in a new way of thinking and manifesting.


The three bodies mentioned here are located in the physical world and are a part of our physical body. Our soul’s body is located in our physical body and beyond and it is a part of all that is, which is directly linked to God.


Spiritual Body    (Oneness)


This is our body that is connected to our physical body temporarily during our lifetime. This body never ends and the entire world’s consciousness is connected through this body with God and all that is. It is the body that is limitless and all knowing.

Move your focus and attention to your head area where you can feel the mental body. When you move the attention to your chest area, you feel your emotional/heart body. When you attention goes to your skin and flesh, you feel your physical body. The spiritual/soul body is located beyond our own physical body where we feel unconditional love. It is larger than us and is not limited to our physical experience.


Locate the different bodies and start getting familiar with how each body feels. Play around with them by switching your attention to the different bodies. From your mental to your physical to your emotional and then to your spiritual, which is not limited to our physical appearance and body.


You can explore and feel your spirit body which extends to the universe and beyond. Focus on traveling out of your body, floating above it, then above your house, above your state, then your country until you travel all the way into the universe while seeing the earth from there.  You can now experience your body beyond your physical body and float in your soul’s body into the universe and acknowledge that you are a part of the entire creation. You are one with God, the universe and all that is.  You understand Oneness while you feel and connect to your soul body while floating in all creation.


Duality cannot exist in the universe where there is no up and down, left or right or a beginning and an end. The universe is limitless, as is your soul and any creation deriving from your soul will be abundant, limitless and effortless.  This exercise is a great way to not only locate our different bodies and to become aware of how we operate, but to be able to connect to our soul’s body whenever we are inspired to.  The awareness of our soul’s body will always remind us of the truth of Oneness, and to see duality as a physical body observation but not as the truth of the universe. 


Please continue to do this exercise as often as you like. This will help you to connect to your soul’s body when a dualistic situation appears. You will be able to immediately change the way you think and act when you connect to your soul’s body in a situation that seems challenging.  The moment you connect to your soul’s body, you will instantly connect to the unconditional love within and disconnect from an experience based in duality. Continue practicing this exercise until it becomes easy to locate and rest in all four bodies.