Soulistic Living


Soulism means living and creating a reality from the soul’s body while experiencing a life reflecting deep individual satisfaction and fulfillment. A life experience created by the soul body can only reflect the highest form of human fulfillment; however forms this life may take. The soul is connected directly to our Higher Power, the Universe, God and All That Is. This connection symbolizes and serves in a “Way-Showing” capacity to manifest a life experience which mirrors our creational perfection. God (The word Higher Power is being used as a place holder for whatever you would like to use such as God, Our Creator, Buddha, All That Is, or the Universe, etc.) has created everything with no fail in the highest level of perfection, so his intent for a human life experience can only carry the same quality. The soul is a part of eternity, it has and always will exist and a soul is limitless.  The soul is ONENESS and it carries the blueprint of a life reflecting Heaven on Earth. I believe that we have the power to create our own personal Heaven during our lifetime. The key lies in living from our soul which we have done before and will do again when we leave our physical body. It is now that we can remember to live in our soul during this life time. The soul is already a part of our experience, so we can tap into that soulfulness and create an experience during our human life time which reflects Heaven. It is liberating and freeing to create a life from a place within us which has no boundaries. The soul body is not a part of the dualistic world which naturally comes with limitations.


The essence of our Soul is the energy of unconditional love. This love vibrates on a very high frequency level and comes from the universal creational love within us. Living soulistically means acknowledging the truth of this unconditional love in our Soul and living and creating from that place within. Unconditional love never separates, discriminates or selects. This love is always present, carries the abundance and all the possibilities that we inspire to experience in our life. This love protects us, guides us, and calms us.  We cannot experience harm while living from this place within us.  Every thought created in our mental brain should derive from this truth stored in our Soul.  Any love experienced in a human life does not compare to the unconditional love that we carry within. This love is bliss and ecstasy to a degree that our mental and physical body lacks expression.


The soul’s ability to create the highest form of human fulfillment derives from the unconditional love combined with the direct connection to God, Higher Power and the Universe reflecting ONENESS of all things. The understanding and integration of this concept in itself allows for a total shift in consciousness which opens a new way to create and manifest our life.