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Thank you for visiting our site and showing interest in transforming your life. Soulistic living means living and creating a reality from our soul's body while experiencing a life of full abundance, internal peace and joy. 

This is not a religion, not a new age trend, or self-help modality but the truth of our being. Living soulisticly is a Life Style. Connect to your inner truth today and create a life reflecting the highest form of fulfillment.

Why do many lives reflect suffering, burden and lack? The reason lays in a consciousness based in duality. ONENESS is the truth. When we learn to live, breath and be ONENESS then our life experience reflects harmony, balance and perfection. It is our birthright to create our Heaven on Earth.

Soulistic Living - the key to the gates of your Heavenly Kingdom.

  • Evening workshops: Introduction to a Soulistic Life - 3 hrs in Los Angeles, Austin and other cities. Contact us for further information
  • Weekend Workshops with guest speaker and holistic modalities to support a Life in Oneness including Yoga classes and Meditation Sessions.